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In addition to a flight attendant wearing pretty as
unknown to many people, of course there are times I faced him
difficult moments. Flight attendants have to work overtime, the aircraft must be
dropping off food in hundreds of people, sell goods duty free,
serve guests, busy until not able to smile. In a State of
so keep having to remind myself that my job is
service, must serve many people. Although how to tell
themselves sometimes there are moments where I run out of steam, it could not be
be patient and smile. Cipto junaedy Opera Mini Jadwal Liga Inggris Aplikasi Android

Until one day my good friend told me about how she
serve a senile old geezer, I could change the attitude
my work.

This is a flight from Taipei to New York. At the time of
airplanes take off soon, there was a grandfather who does not
control to defecate. And finally memngeluarkannya
on the spot. Families who see only feel disgust and forcing Grandpa
to clean themselves in the toilet alone. This old man looks
hesitate for a moment, and then single-handedly going to the toilet
located in the back.

At a time when Grandpa out of the toilet, though how he
Remember, he is still unable to remember his seat himself.
The grandfather of the first 80s became anxious, afraid, and cried
alone on the terrace of the toilet. A flight attendant came to help Grandpa
This smells very very fulfilling the Agency's grandfather. This grandfather turns
not knowing exactly where the toilets in the tissue
so he clean it up using her dress. Toilet
digunakannnya was so dirty and messy.

After delivering his grandfather back to his seat. The passengers
around him began to complain of the stench coming from his body.
Flight attendants asked his brother if they still have
replacement clothes that can be used by his grandfather. His Brother
All told, there are clothes in the luggage aircraft, so Grandpa is not
have a replacement shirt. And his brother said, "Sekarangkan
These flights are not filled in full, I noticed there were a few lines
the back is still empty, just bring this to sit in Grandpa's
back. " These flight attendants can only follow the desires of the
his grandfather brought this. and to the rear.


#1 It really matters when the

It really matters when the people give you the recognition that you deserve but it's really up to you if you are going to accept it or not because you reality still bites no matter how you stop it. - Lindsay Rosenwald

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